Why Alkyma?

Because we are “technicians” or “specialists”, in a larger sense.

We know well, out of personal experience, that sometimes the interaction between “technicians” and “non-technicians” can be somewhat conflicting.
We come from the worlds of engineering and chemistry, where mathematical formulas, chemical and physical laws, reagents and reactions are used to achieve deterministic results.

But we work in a world where the technical skills are used in the service of projects governed by schedules, budget and requirements which in their turn are set by persons. Thus, they are subject to personal interpretations, corporate interests, changes in scope, targets, methods and timing.

We know and live this situation in our daily business.

Surprisingly the “technical attitude” to think in schemas is a formidable aid to develop excellent “humanistic” skills such as communications and negotiations. The key is in taking as a model the schemas used by the best entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries and communicators of the past and the present and to interiorize them in an own personal form.

"People prefer to do business with people they like"

Jay Conrad Levinson

The methodology

We co-create with our clients an empowering mindset, we support them in establishing a good communication and negotiation base for finding succesful win-win solutions. We teach and train several methodologies to solve conflicts and problems,  such as “changing perceptual positions”, “S.C.O.R.E method”, “Tetralem”, “metaprograms”, “Timeline”, “Part Integration” , “mBraining alignment”, “Self centering” techniques, behavioral modeling

All that you need is the attitude, the curiosity and the determination to try new mental schemas, learning from your own errors.

"Only fools want only tools."

Ludwig Wittgestein

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