Life Coaching

in private life

"The very essence of Coaching is to increase the awareness and the sense of responsibility of people."

Sir J. Whitmore

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

J. K. Rowling

What is Professional Coaching and when can it be useful

Life Coaching it’s a methodology which helps people to reach challenging goals or supports people in difficult moments of their life whenever they need to take important and conflicting decisions


Who can benefit from Coaching: all who want and need to make an effective change

  • How often have we renounced to something important for us, only because we were feeling incapable of doing it or inadequate? Which “internal” obstacles have blocked us?
  • How do we behave when we have to make an important choice? How can we be sure to do the “right thing”?
  • What is really, truly, deeply important to us? What can we renounce to ? What impact will this have on our lives and the lives of people dear to us or around us?
  • How many times have we submissively accepted choices of other people without standing up for our needs and values?
  • How many times do we feel small, without resources, with no way out?
  • What is our purpose?

The life Coach partners with people in order to help them discover their true and deeper self, their full potential. The Life Coach uses powerful questions to awake the awareness of the coachee and support him or her to overcome difficulties in their own way, with their own resources.

The coach leads them in taking their own personal choices without expressing personal judgement, opinions and advice; because the coach has full trusts that the coachee already has all the resources that he or she needs to find the best possible answers and solutions to their own problems.

The guiding principle is that people can make it by themselves and sometimes need somebody who help them access their hidden resources. And that the coaching methodology will cause an internal change which is far more enduring and significative than receiving help from the outside.

Some examples

  • Set and achieve targets that are important and meaningful for you

  • Increase your sense of self-confidence

  • Improve the quality of your relationships

  • Overcome and transform the sense of fear and anxiety
  • Change undesired behaviors
  • Manage important changes in private life

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