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"There are few persons who think with their mind, fewer still who feel with their heart; those who use both are unique."

Rita Levi Montalcini

What is mBIT COACHING and when can it be useful

m-BIT Coaching is an innovative type of coaching born in Australia in 2012; it was, developed by  Marwin Oka and Grant Soosalu,  world-leading Coaches and neuroscientist. It is rapidly spreading in Asia and the United States and is still relatively young in Europe.

It applies to Life Coaching and Business Coaching and is extremely effective as a methodology to take difficult decisions.

Have you ever had that feeling when your head tells you to go in one direction, but your heart is yearning to go in another direction, and your guts are revolting against both choices or pushing you to go in yet another direction? This is a typical situation to apply mBraining.

This methodology is based one the last proven neuroscientific findings which points out that in our body we have 3 “brains”. A “brain” is a complex neuronal network capable of independent actions which we define as “mind” activity.  We have 3 brains, one in the head, one in the hearth, one in the guts. Each of them has a specific task:

  • The head Brain is in charge of processing information in a rational and creative way.
  • The heart Brain is in charge of processing emotions and sentiments.
  • The gut brain focuses on perception of danger and on actions to ensure survival.

Our 3 brains do not communicate directly between one-another, but only indirectly through innervations in the autonomic nervous system,

That is the reason why our head brain cannot simply “tell” the gut brain to suppress fear because of some mere “rational reasoning”, or why the heart brain cannot “force” the head brain to do something irrational because of strong emotions and feelings.

The mBIT Coach helps clients to align their actions according to all three brains with precise  wording and specific techniques (e.g. deep breathing) which facilitate  the communication via the autonomous nervous system.:

  • The head brain to find rational, creative and realistic solutions to problems.
  • The heart brain to operate in accordance with our passions, emotions, feelings.
  • The gut brain to create a sense of reassurance and safety.

Some examples

  • Solve important conflicts at level of our personal values (e.g. career vs. family, remuneration  vs. life quality)
  • Find courage to undertake some deed
  • Clear doubts before moving into action
  • Change undesired behaviors and habits (being “negative”, criticizing people, smoking, etc.)
  • Understand and cope with emotions and impulsive reactions
  • Deal with choices and changes that have a deep impact on our identity

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