Project Management “Skill-ment”


"Don’t find fault, find a remedy."

Henry Ford

"If you work in a project for a couple of weeks you will know whether it will be succesful or not."

Bill Budge

Soft skills are abilities which build the relationship among persons.

They are present across all the sectors (engineering, finance, healthcare, etc.) and are constantly used in professional and personal life. Being used the most, they should be targeted most in personal and professional education and development programs.

Paradoxically they are the least developed in technical and scientifical sectors because they are considered secondary to hard skills.

The IPMA (International project management Association) has identified and described the behavioural competencies necessary in project management to succesfully lead projects such as Ledership and self leadership, the ability to involve and motivate people, the ability to focus on results, efficiency, negotiation, problem solving, conflict and crisis management, reliability and accountability.

“The importance of behavioral and contextual abilities in project management can weigh up to  60% versus the 40% of technical competencies “

How to develop these soft skills in an optimal way?

In the middle of an ongoing project or in crisis?

“PM Skill-ment” is the method developed in Alkyma which combines the core competencies by IPMA with the learning mindset of professional coaching. The aim is to develop the leadership skills to inspire and lead people and at the same time to refine project management competencies to coordinate tasks, schedules and budget with the right mix.

The method is customized on the specific project management stye of each company, in all sectors and context and works also for international companies with multiple cultures.

The main steps: assess the competencies of each project manager with the wheel of project management skills; identify the first skill on which to work on, the one skill which will trigger changes and will make a positive difference on the project results; create an individual development program based on:

  1. Education and training to develop technical-hard skills and relationship-soft skills.
  2. Coaching to transform inner resistances, uncertainties and limiting beliefs.
  3. Feedback-based mindset, learning from failures and errors.
  4. Coaching to learn how to learn.

All this is done in full respect of the individual leadership and management style of each person.

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