Training of soft skills

in technical context

"Power is nothing without control."

Spot Pirelli
  • Are you good “technicians” or “specialists”, respected for your experience and problem solving skills, and do you feel that you are not as effective in the company’s decisions as you would like to be?
  • Do you easily find the right approach to carry out a complex task but then  realize with frustration and sense of impotence that things are not going as you have expected, that people are not doing what they are supposed to do and you do not even know why?

It is likely that you are stronger in the Hard Skills rather than in the Soft Skills.

You probably know what to do but you do not know how to communicate it effectively to others, so that people are really going to do it.

Like a powerful sports-car that, when starting, discharges all its power abruptly and makes the tires slip;  or when it takes a turn at high speed but starts skidding and drifts off the road.

Even if you have a NASCAR engine in your car, if the tires won't stick to the road, there is simply no way to harness that power.

The solution is to improve your own personal skills such as communication and negotiations, i.e. work on the driver and the driving style, rather than on the car.

In Alkyma, we help develop the skills to listen and understand what people really want, beyond what they are saying or doing. We help people to state assertively and authentically their opinion, their needs and their course.

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