Vision, Mission, Passion

and critical success factors for business

"You come to a point where you do not work for money."

Walt Disney

"How can a company with 20 employees outperform a company with 1,000 employees?"

Robert Dilts
  • What is the vision and mission of your company?
  • How have they been defined?
  • How are the employees of your company inspired by its vision and mission?

If you realize that your employees are not fully aligned with the company’s top management it is likely that the vision and mission have not been defined clearly, meaningfully, in coherence with the values of the people.

As a result the employee might perform less than they could.


The importance of the Vision and Mission

Successful enterprises have managed to develop not only product or service competencies but also a combination of elements that spurn and attract employees to find winning solutions thanks to self-motivation, self realisation, sense of contribution to a shared vision.

A vision that attracts them towards a better world for themselves and for the others.

Great leaders have managed to change the world by moving crowds thanks to powerful and compelling visions.

"I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed."

Martin Luther King

The method

In Alkyma, we support entrepreneurs, professionals and start-ups to define a compelling and winning vision of their business, leveraging the deep and most empowering passions, values and beliefs of people.

We take inspiration from several methodologies such as “Business Model Canvas” (Strategyzer) and  “Success Factor Modeling™” (Dilts Strategy Group).

As an example, the latter has been developed modeling the most successful enterprises of the Silicon Valley. In Alkyma we adapted this method to our territory, to a context where people are rooted to the land, where traditions, family-ties and trilingual culture are key elements and valuable resources for business development.

We start by developing our passion, the area in which we like to be, in which we work in a “flow state”, a state of the mind in which exceptional results simply “flow out” without apparent effort.

We proceed with the development of the Vision, an ideal representation of the world in which we would like to live. The Vision is an abstract image, not clearly defined, but emotionally charged, inspiring, extremely powerful and motivating.

"I cannot describe well what I see in the distance, but whatever it is, it is grand and glittering."

Walt Disney

The function and purpose of the Vision is to inspire us, to attract us , to push us to do better.

Starting from the Vision we develop the Mission, our unique contribution to realize the vision. The Mission can span the arc of a whole life to be accomplished and it gives life the sense of “meaning and purpose”.

From the mission we develop the Role, our function and the set of related actions that we carry out to accomplish the mission.

At last we develop the Ambition, the challenging and rewarding results that will satisfy our personal Ego, that will give us the sense of recognition and fulfillment.

At the very last we start developing the Business Model and the Actions plan.

The added value

Create a concept of working in a company that is deeply connected to the values, abilities, desires, identities of its employees and create a winning mix of motivation, self-motivation, mission spirit, courage, optimism resilience and problem solving skills.

"I am living a magical moment. I am doing the work that I love, in the location that I like, with the people that I want to work with; I would not change anything."


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